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Informal letter sample 1

Posted by Manjusha Filed in English Writing

You are a boy studying at a boarding school. Write a letter to your mother expressing your dissatisfaction with being a boarder.

Sample letter

Your address

20th May, 2014

Dearest Mummy

I was delighted to receive your letter yesterday. Thank you so much. I read it again and again but it made me feel homesick. It seems years since I left home although it has been just one month. How I wish I was at a day school! In that case, I could come home every afternoon.

I detest being a boarder. I am in a big dormitory and got some twenty other boys for company. Some of them are good, but others are awful. The bigger boys always play nasty tricks on us. We would like to complain to the masters but we are afraid of them. The master comes round to see all lights out, but as soon as he leaves all larking begins all over again. That said, I do have two Ė three friends here. They are nice boys. They are also tired of the bullying and desperately want to go home.

I donít like the masters either. They make us work hard all day and beat us for every fault.

Please ask Dad to enroll me in a day-school again. I am sure I will be much happier there.

With lots of love


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