Complaint Letter Sample

If you are not satisfied with a product or service, you can make your dissatisfaction known with a firm but polite complaint letter. Here is a sample complaint letter that you can use as an outline for drafting your own complaint letters.

You stayed at a reputable hotel recently but weren’t happy with the customer service you received. Write a complaint letter to the Director of the hotel expressing your dissatisfaction.

Complaint letter sample

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Dear Sir or Madam

I have been a loyal customer of your hotel and have always appreciated the excellent customer service you offer. Yet a recent unpleasant experience at your hotel has shaken my belief in your ability to provide top notch customer care all the time.

I stayed in room 305 of your Mumbai hotel from November 3rd to November 8th. Throughout my stay I was served mediocre food. The bathroom fittings were faulty and the room service was pretty bad: they rarely changed my bed sheets or towels. Worse still, I had an extremely noisy neighbour who took great pleasure in entertaining visitors until 3 am. I complained to the manager but that didn’t improve the situation until the third day of my stay.
I am writing to encourage you to improve your customer service as I don’t want this experience to ruin my positive impressions about your hotel. If this is the kind of service that loyal customers receive, I can only imagine how worse it can get in the case of others. I just hope that these problems will be solved prior to my next visit.


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