How To Write An Appreciation Letter

We all seek appreciation. Children behave well when they are appreciated. Employees feel motivated when their employers appreciate the hard work they put in. A well-written appreciation letter will build relations and make the recipient feel special. While writing an appreciation letter, choosing the right vocabulary is important. Focus on words that express admiration, gratitude and recognition.

Here are a few tips for writing a good appreciation letter.

Write the letter quickly

So you want to appreciate something that someone did for you. Write the appreciation letter as soon as possible.

A personal appreciation letter should ideally be written on a piece of paper. Use a customized letterhead for writing formal appreciation letters.

Address the letter to a specific person

Make sure that the letter is addressed to a specific person. In your letter don’t forget to state exactly what you appreciate. It could be a kind gesture, a special quality or something like that.

Be sincere

The tone of an appreciation letter should be sincere and honest. Remember that most people can tell whether you are being honest or not. Avoid flattery.

Write clearly and concisely

An appreciation letter doesn’t have to be too long. Make it short and sweet. Close the letter with warm regards or best wishes.

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