Sample Request Letter Asking For Course Information

Here is a sample letter written by a student asking for course information.

Your name

Recipient Name
Name of the college / university


Dear Recipient Name

I am interested in applying to St. Stephen’s College for admission to the first year of the Bachelor’s Degree programme. I have passed the Senior School Certificate examination with distinction and am planning to do my Bachelor’s in physics.

Please send me any information you have about the Physics department. I am specifically interested in learning more about:

  • Admission requirements
  • Faculty biographies and credentials
  • Department areas of specialization
  • Availability of grants and scholarships
  • Names and contact information of the Head of the Department

Please send me the information at the address listed above. If you have questions about my request, please contact me by phone at (number) or by email at (email ID)

Thank you for considering my request.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your name


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