Thank You Letter Sample 2

Here is a sample thank-you letter that you can use as an outline for drafting your own thank-you letters.

Write a thank-you letter to a friend who helped you in preparing for a press conference you held.

Sample thank-you letter

Dear Gautam

Your advice really helped me in preparing for the press conference and it is with a sense of profound gratitude that I am writing this letter.

As you may know, I have never held a press meeting before. I haven’t attended many press conferences either. In fact, I was very anxious about having to sit in front of so many reporters and TV cameras. Your advice to hold the meeting in the morning really helped. I think by doing this we got the maximum exposure. And because you had already told me everything about the format of a press conference, I was at ease. As a result, I could engage the reporters more confidently. They have just aired the conference on TV and I think I have done a good job.

As I couldn’t have achieved this without your advice, I would like to give you a special treat at a nice restaurant in your city. Let me know if Sunday would suit you. Thanks again.

With kind regards


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