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TOEFL Sample essay 2

What will happen if the felling of trees is banned?

Unabated felling of trees has led to deforestation and environmental degradation all over the world so much so that environmentalists have long been agitating against this ecological disaster. It will be interesting to see what will happen if the situation is reversed and the felling of trees is banned. In my opinion the following consequences may arise as a result of this ban.

You will be greeted by the sight of overgrown jungles wherever you go. Agreed forests need to be preserved. But if we stop felling trees altogether, it will be difficult even for a person to move about. After all, it isnít easy to tread through a forest. As a result, all vehicular traffic will come to a stop; trade, business and communications will be severely affected. There will be no development work at all.

All housing projects, dams across rivers, power projects and infrastructure will be severely affected if the felling of trees is banned. Gradually we will slide back to a primitive way of life. Modernity will eventually become a thing of past.

Our metropolitan cities will wear an altogether different look if the felling of trees is banned. They will start resembling village clusters with trees surrounding them on all sides. They will not be as accessible as they are today. This will definitely affect industrialization. If industry canít flourish there will be a dearth of jobs. As a result of this people from the rural areas will stop migrating to cities in search of jobs and better opportunities. Urban people too will find it difficult to get jobs.

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