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TOEFL Sample essay 2

What will happen if libraries vanish?

Libraries are the treasure houses of knowledge. They are as essential to a student and a scholar as breath is to all living things. If libraries were to vanish suddenly the following consequences may arise:

Not everybody is rich. Poor students, who cannot afford to buy even text books, will be the most affected if libraries vanish. They will not be able to read the prescribed text books let alone do any research or reference work. This will affect their chances of doing well in school and university examinations. Since a sizable population of the student community hail from poor families, the country will be deprived of a vast human resource of bright and talented youngsters. So if libraries were to vanish the ultimate loser will be the country.

Librarians will lose their jobs. As libraries offer good job opportunities, a lot of students now study library science. They will no longer be able to find jobs. Publishers will have to reduce the number of copies they print as they will not be selling as much as they used to. As a result of this, a lot of people engaged in the publication of books, newspapers and journals will be rendered jobless. Allied trades like selling of paper, printing, binding etc., will also suffer, thus adding to the vast army of unemployed people in the country.

Libraries help in the preservation of cultural heritage through the books they keep. If libraries vanish, our cultural heritage will also vanish. We shall have no access to our history, mythology or evolution because all reference works prepared by scholars down the ages will no longer be accessible to the common man. It will not be long before we regress to the Stone Age.

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