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Auxiliary Verbs

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate auxiliary verb.

1. I wish you --------------- talk so loudly.

a) shouldn’t
b) wouldn’t
c) must not
d) can’t

2. I told him that I ------------------- be sorry if things turned out that way.

a) would
b) should
c) could
d) can

3. --------------------- you like to go sight-seeing?

a) could
b) should
c) would
d) shall

4. They ----------------- rather see a circus than a movie.

a) should
b) would
c) might
d) need

5. He wishes she --------------------- give him an answer soon.

a) would
b) should
c) might
d) shall

6. I wish you ----------------- keep to the subject instead of digressing like this.

a) should
b) would
c) ought to
d) need

7. You ---------------------- be more punctual.

a) should
b) shall
c) would
d) will

8. He can go if he wants, but you -----------------.

a) needn’t
b) mustn’t
c) won’t
d) wouldn’t

9. You ------------------ have been mad to do such a thing.

a) could
b) must
c) would
d) need

10. They ------------------- have paid the fine without grumbling.

a) shall
b) should
c) can
d) may


1. wouldn’t
2. would
3. would
4. would
5. would
6. would
7. should
8. mustn’t
9. must
10. should

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