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Demonstrative and Indefinite Pronouns Quiz

Fill in the blanks with appropriate demonstrative or indefinite pronouns.

1. Anyone will be able to do this if ---------------- tries.

a) he
b) she
c) they
d) anyone

2. Everybody thinks ----------------- has the right to protest.

a) she
b) he
c) they
d) everybody

3. Both shirts are good but ------------------- is better than ------------.

a) this, that
b) this, those
c) that, these
d) these, those

4. Mumbaiís climate is better than ---------------- of Madras.

a) it
b) that
c) this
d) those

5. ------------------------ loves beautiful things.

a) one
b) everybody
c) none
d) any

6. ------------------ came to his rescue.

a) each
b) every
c) none
d) one

7. --------------- of them rose from their seats to protest.

a) each
b) all
c) everyone
d) none of these

8. My views are in accordance with ---------------- of yours.

a) those
b) that
c) this
d) these

9. I need --------------- rice.

a) few
b) some
c) any
d) many

10. His nature is just like ------------------- of his brother.

a) that
b) those
c) this
d) these


1. He (When sex is not mentioned we use a pronoun in the masculine gender to refer to singular indefinite pronouns like anyone and everyone. But note that nowadays this rule isnít strictly followed and many writers use they to refer back to anyone and everyone. Grammarians are yet to accept this practice.)
2. He (Explanation same as above)
3. This, that
4. That
5. Everybody
6. None
7. All
8. Those
9. Some (In affirmative clauses we use some to refer to an indefinite quantity. In questions and negatives we use any.)
10. That

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