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Primary Auxiliary Verbs

Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of be, have, do as auxiliaries.

1. I shall write another book after I -------------------- finished writing this book.

a) had
b) did
c) have
d) will have

2. She ---------------------- the piano when I entered the room.

a) played
b) had played
c) was playing
d) is playing

3. The patient ------------------- before the doctor arrived.

a) died
b) has died
c) was dying
d) had died

4. --------------------------- you ever been to India?

a) do
b) had
c) have
d) did

5. That is what he ---------------------- not seem to understand.

a) do
b) does
c) did
d) has


1. have
2. was playing
3. had died
4. have
5. does

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