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Pronouns Quiz

Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the pronoun.

1. We scored as many runs as -----------------

a) They
b) Them

2. Jane and ---------------- were present at the meeting.

a) Me
b) I

3. He can sing as well as ---------------

a) She
b) Her

4. Let you and ------------------ try what we can do.

a) Me
b) I

5. Please wait for John and ----------------

a) Me
b) I

6. We are not as poor as -----------------

a) They
b) Them

7. Peter is as old as ----------------

a) I
b) Me

8. He is known to my brother and ----------------

a) I
b) Me

9. You know that as well as ---------------- do.

a) I b) Me

10. Between you and ----------------, there are few secrets.

a) I
b) Me


1. Them (OR We scored as many runs as they did.)
2. I
3. Her (OR He can sing as well as she can.)
4. Me
5. Me
6. Them (OR We are not as poor as they are.)
7. Me (OR Peter is as old as I am.)
8. Me
9. I
10. me


Object pronouns (me, him, her, them etc.) can be used after as, especially in an informal style. In a formal style, we use subject + verb after as. Note that a subject form without a verb (e.g. as well as I) is unusual in modern English.

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