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Present perfect tense worksheet

Make sentences in the present perfect tense using the words given in each question.


The present perfect tense is made with has / have + past participle form of the verb.

Use has when the subject is a singular noun (e.g. Jane, Mathews, a girl etc) or pronoun (he, she and it)

Use have when the subject is a plural noun (e.g. boys, girls, children etc.) or pronoun (you, they and we.)

The first person pronoun I also take have.

1. Alice / write / a poem.

2. I / finish / the work.

3. He / go / to / the market.

4. The police / arrest / the culprit.

5. Jane / complete / the assignment.

6. Teacher / ask / the boys / to / hand in / their work.

7. Our team / win / the championship.

8. They / accept / our invitation.

9. Alan / agreed / to come.

10. Jane / already / arrive.


1. Alice has written a poem.

2. I have finished the work.

3. He has gone to the market.

4. The police have arrested the culprit.

5. Jane has completed the assignment.

6. Teacher has asked the boys to hand in their work.

7. Our team has won the championship.

8. They have accepted our invitation.

9. Alan has agreed to come.

10. Jane has already arrived.

Teachers and parents may print these worksheets for their students. Click here for a printer-friendly version of this page.

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