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TOEFL Grammar Test 2

Choose the correct grammar structure to complete the sentence. Each question has only one correct answer. Try to use only one minute per question.

1 We have got to stop him -------------------- a fool of himself.
to make
to making
2 We are starting ----------------------- to some of the neighbour’s parties.
to invite
to invited
to get invited
get invited
3 Seven people are understood to ------------------- in the explosion.
have injured
have been injured
have been injure
4 Could you ----------------------- the kids while I am out?
look after
look to
look for
look out for
5 If you are on the road on Saturday night, --------------------- drunk drivers.
look out for
look after
look up
look down on
6 ------------------- she was foreign made it difficult for her to get a job.
fact that
the fact that
the fact
7 If I ---------------------- lots of money I would give some to anybody who asked for it.
would have
will have
8 There are various ways -------------------- secret messages.
to compose
of composing
to composing
for composing
9 I think they ------------------- a doctor earlier.
should consult
should have consulted
would consult
10 If she ----------------- so bad-tempered, I might have married her.
has been
had not been
were not
have not been

If you didn't do so well, or you would like to study English Grammar before doing this exercise go to the English Grammar study page. To learn more about TOEFL go to the TOEFL page.


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