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TOEFL Grammar Test 5

Choose the correct grammar structure to complete the sentence. Each question has only one correct answer. Try to use only one minute per question.

1. The dogs have been groomed and the kennel --------------------------

a) Washed
b) Has been washed
c) Have been washed
d) Been washed

2. The floor has been cleaned and the dishes -------------------------

a) Washed
b) Has been washed
c) Have been washed
d) Been washed

3. Pollution occurs where the environment ------------------------ by man-made waste.

a) Spoils
b) Is spoiled
c) Spoiled
d) Has spoiled

4. Erosion occurs where the wind --------------------- the rock away.

a) Wears
b) Wear
c) Is worn
d) Is wearing

5. The giraffe is an ungainly animal ---------------------- it has such a long neck.

a) In that
b) Such that
c) So that
d) That

6. James is ------------------------ of the two brothers.

a) The stronger
b) The strongest
c) Stronger
d) Strongest

7. Columbus was a great navigator -------------------- he knew the world was round.

a) Such that
b) In that
c) So that
d) That

8. The girl --------------------- and future games were cancelled.

a) Was beat
b) Beaten
c) Was beaten
d) Has beaten

9. Have you read -------------------------- there was an earthquake in Japan?

a) That
b) Where
c) Which
d) That which

10. I must ----------------------- my old car.

a) Dispose of
b) Dispose off
c) Dispose with
d) Dispose for



1. Has been washed
2. Have been washed
4. Wears
5. In that
6. The stronger
7. In that
8. Was beaten
9. That
10. Dispose of

If you didn't do so well, or you would like to study English Grammar before doing this exercise go to the English Grammar study page. To learn more about TOEFL go to the TOEFL page. Click here for a printer-friendly version of this page

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