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TOEFL Grammar Test 6

Choose the correct grammar structure to complete the sentence. Each question has only one correct answer. Try to use only one minute per question.

1. ---------------------- you need help, just let me know.

a) Unless
b) If
c) Whether
d) While

2. ------------------------ the bicycle was expensive, he decided to buy it.

a) Although
b) Because
c) As
d) As if

3. August 31st is a national holiday, ------------------------ everybody dances in the streets.

a) That
b) When
c) Which
d) Where

4. The house ---------------------- I live is very small.

a) That
b) Which
c) Where
d) That which

5. The situation was ---------------------- serious.

a) Very
b) Very much
c) Much
d) Too much

6. I donít care ---------------------- expensive it is.

a) How
b) How much
c) How many
d) What

7. Today is ----------------------- colder than yesterday.

a) Very
b) Much
c) Too
d) Quite

8. This book is ------------------------- more interesting than his previous one.

a) Much
b) Quite
c) Very
d) Too

9. ---------------------- mathematician are you?

a) How much of a
b) How much a
c) How much
d) How many of a

10. I think she is ----------------------- fool.

a) A bit
b) A bit of
c) A bit of a
d) Bit of a



2. Although
3. when
4. Where
5. Very
6. How
7. Much
8. Much
9. How much of a
10. A bit of a

If you didn't do so well, or you would like to study English Grammar before doing this exercise go to the English Grammar study page. To learn more about TOEFL go to the TOEFL page. Click here for a printer-friendly version of this page

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