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TOEFL Grammar Test

Choose the correct grammar structure to complete the sentence. Each question has only one correct answer. Try to use only one minute per question.

1 After the accident the injured ------------------ to hospital.
was taken
were taken
2 The government doesnít care about -----------------.
the poors
the poor
3 It was ------------------- that I could hardly work.
a so warm day
so warm a day
so warm day
so a warm day
4 The Irish ------------------- their sense of humour.
proud of
are proud of
are proud with
are proud from
5 --------------------- children allowed in the bar.
under no circumstances are
no circumstances are
under no circumstances is
no circumstances are under
6 She would never -------------------- if she hadnít changed jobs.
have promoted
have been promoted
be promoted
7 Do you think the repair ---------------------?
have been properly done
has been properly done
has properly done
have properly done
8 This time tomorrow, I --------------------- in my garden.
will be happily working
will happily working
will have happily working
will happily worked
9 Britian --------------------- as a land of law and order.
has long known
has long been known
has long been knowing
has long knew
10 I expected to fail the exam, but I passed -------------------.
after all
after all that

If you didn't do so well, or you would like to study English Grammar before doing this exercise go to the English Grammar study page. To learn more about TOEFL go to the TOEFL page.


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