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Vocabulary exercise for SSLC Kerala Syllabus

Complete the following sentences using the appropriate form of the word given in the brackets. This vocabulary exercise is meant for students preparing for SSLC Kerala syllabus.

1. The cricket match between India and Pakistan was an one. (excitement)

2. She cried for help when she was attacked by the robbers. (frantic)

3. Their was proved wrong. (assume)

4. We had a holiday in Australia. (delight)

5. His .. behaviour disgusted me. (insolence)

6. He lives in a world of .. (fantastic)

7. A . gentleman came to her rescue. (chivalry)

8. She was .. enough to get a good job at the age of twenty. (fortune)

9. If you .. the dog, it may bite you. (provocative)

10. There is an of prawns off the coast of Kerala. (abundant)

11. I saw the .. in the papers. (announce)

12. The student asked the teacher to .. the question. (simple)

13. She had to be taken from room to room in a wheel chair because of her . (frail)

14. Armed personnel have to undergo training. (rigour)

15. How can you .. the mistakes you have made? (just)

16. We must end all . (hostile)

17. Some of our neighboring countries are towards our country. (hostile)

18. The accused gave .. statements to confuse the police. (contradict)

19. The weather is cold today. (awful)

20. If the drought continues, the of all living things will be possible. (exist)


1. exciting; 2. frantically; 3. assumption; 4. delightful; 5. insolent; 6. fantasy; 7. chivalrous; 8. fortunate; 9. provoke; 10. abundance; 11. announcement; 12. simplify; 13. frailty; 14. rigorous; 15. justify; 16. hostilities; 17. hostile; 18. contradictory; 19. awfully; 20. existence

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