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English grammar exercises

These grammar exercises are helpful for practicing your English language skills. If you don't find what you want here, feel free to contact me.

Interactive grammar exercises

Present, past and past participle forms
Present tense exercise
Relative pronouns
Present continuous tense exercise
Degrees of comparison
If clauses exercise
Such or so
Simple present tense exercise
As, though, although

Phrasal verbs exercise

Phrasal verbs with about
General English
General English Quiz I New!
Pronouns Quiz I
Pronouns - Quiz II
Pronouns - Quiz III
Demonstrative and indefinite pronouns Quiz I
Demonstrative and indefinite pronouns Quiz II
Relative pronouns Quiz I
Relative pronouns Quiz II
Relative pronouns - Quiz III
Relative Pronouns - Quiz IV
Interrogative pronouns
Simple Present Tense Quiz
< Verbs Quiz
Verbs - Quiz II
Primary Auxiliaries Quiz
Auxiliary verbs quiz
Conjunctions Quiz I
Conjunctions - Quiz II
Prepositions - at, on and in
Prepositions Quiz (Interactive)
Prepositions Quiz I
Prepositions Quiz II
Prepositions - Quiz III
Prepositions - Quiz V
Prepositions - Quiz VI
Prepositions Quiz VII
Prepositions Quiz VIII New!
Tenses Quiz I
Tenses Quiz II
Tenses - Quiz III
Tenses - Quiz IV
More Grammar Exercises
Possessives Quiz
Adjectives and adverbs with the same form Quiz
Comparison using comparatives and superlatives Quiz
Determiners Quiz
Nouns - Quiz I
Degrees of comparison exercise

English vocabulary exercises

Words Confused
Words Confused Quiz 1 New!
Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal verbs with Around - Exercise
Phrasal verbs with Come - Exercise
Phrasal verbs with Put - Exercise
Phrasal verbs with Bring - Exercise
Phrasal verbs with Break - Exercise
Antonyms and Synonyms
Vocabulary Exercise - Antonyms
Vocabulary Exercise - Synonyms

Test preparation for SAT

SAT - Sentence Completion I
SAT - Sentence Completion 2



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