Common Errors In The Use Of Nouns

In this lesson, we will learn about the common mistakes in the use of nouns.

Wrong: We have decided to buy some furnitures.
Right: We have decided to buy some furniture.

Wrong: Have you received any informations?
Right: Have you received any information?

Wrong: He asked her to pack her luggages.
Right: He asked her to pack her luggage.

Wrong: The sceneries here are not good.
Right: The scenery here is not good.

Wrong: Did you hear these news?
Right: Did you hear this news?


Nouns like furniture, information, advice, news, luggage and scenery normally have only a singular form.

Wrong: Students should wear white pants.
Right: Students should wear white trousers.

‘Pants’ means underclothes covering the upper part of the leg.

Wrong: I am learning a new poetry.
Right: I am learning a new poem.

Wrong: He is my cousin brother.
Right: He is my cousin.


Cousin means any child of any aunt or uncle. There is no need to say cousin brother since the noun he already reveals the sex of the person.

Wrong: One of my friend has agreed to come with me.
Right: One of my friends has agreed to come with me.

Wrong: Some of my friends has arrived.
Right: Some of my friends have arrived.


The noun following one of, some of, none of and similar expressions must be plural in number, but the verb must agree with the subject in number.

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