Class 8 Worksheets

Here you will find English grammar, writing and reading worksheets and exercises designed for students of class 8. Parents and teachers can use our worksheets in class or at home. When you print our grammar worksheets be sure to keep all references to intact.

We are adding more English worksheets to the site, so stay tuned.

Phrases and clauses worksheets for class 8

Main Clause and Subordinate Clause Worksheet

Simple Sentence, Complex Sentence and Compound Sentence

Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets for Class 8

Prepositions worksheet for class 8

Finite and Non-finite Verbs Worksheets

Notice writing samples

Conditional Clauses Worksheets

Conjunctions worksheets

Relative pronouns and relative clauses worksheets

Determiners worksheets

Transformation of sentences worksheets

Editing exercises for class 8

Phrases and clauses worksheets

Passive voice worksheets

Tenses Worksheets

Abstract nouns worksheets

Direct and indirect speech worksheets

More grammar worksheets for class 8