Class 8 Gul Mohar Grammar And Language Skills | Worksheet 1 Solutions

Grammar and Words

Complete the paragraph by using the correct forms of the verbs in the brackets.


Akash loves (1) trains. He first saw (2) one when he was four years old and he thought (3) it was amazing. He goes (4) to a different railway station every week and writes (5) down the engine number of every train he sees. He has been doing (6) this since he was eight. He has collected (7) over 10,000 different engine numbers from various cities. Once, while he was standing (8) in a station in Narayanpur, he saw something very unusual. He had been waiting (9) for over an hour for a train to go by when suddenly he saw (10) a very old steam train coming down the tracks. It did not stop (11) at the station and, as it was passing Akash noticed that all the passengers were wearing (12) old-fashioned clothes. When he told the station guard about this, the poor man turned pale. He said that no steam train had passed (13) through that station for years, and that the last one had crashed (14) killing everyone on board.


Use the simple present to talk about a habit or routine.

He goes to a different railway station every week.

He loves trains.

Use the simple past to say when something happened.

He first saw a train when he was four years old.

Use the present perfect continuous tense to talk about an action or situation that started in the past and has continued up to the present.

He has been doing this since he was eight.

Use the past continuous to talk about an activity that was going on at a particular point of time in the past.

While he was standing in a station in Narayanpur.

Use the past perfect continuous to talk about an activity that had started in the past and continued up to another moment in the past.

He had been waiting for over an hour for a train to go by when he saw a steam train.

E. Complete these sentences by choosing correct words.

1. What’s Ali going to do when he finishes college?

2. This time next week, Kiran will be eating lunch in his new school.

3. If Jerin continues to work at this pace, he will have painted the whole house by tomorrow.

4. I think everyone is coming to dinner on Saturday.

5. I am not sure. We should be back in time for tea.

6. She doesn’t realize what sort of person he is – she will find out.


Read this paragraph. The sentences are not linked with each other. Use the time linkers in the box to connect the sentences.

(as, then, during, as soon as, then, when, just as, while, as, after)

Maria woke up early feeling excited. It was the day of her big audition for the singing contest. She got up, took a shower and started to get ready. As soon as she had combed her hair, she put on her best clothes. After / when she was ready, she rushed out of the house. Just as she was getting on the bus, she bumped into her friend Pritha. During the journey, they chatted about the audition she was going for and Maria missed her stop. She cursed herself and caught another bus back. But as they drove along, the traffic began to get worse. Then, the bus broke down – just her luck! When she reached the venue, she was half an hour late for the audition and panicking. As she got into the lift, all the lights went out. At that point Maria stopped worrying – today just wasn’t her day. As / While she was waiting for the power to come on again, she tried to rehearse her song softly. When the lights finally came on, she went up to the 22nd floor, knocked on the door and hoped for the best.


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