Class 8 Grammar Worksheets for Kerala Syllabus

Edit the given passage.

A man hired an ass from another man. He pay (a) him two shillings for it. It were (b) a very hot day, and both men wanted to stand in the shadow of the ass. But there was only room for one of them. ‘Go away,’ said the man who had hiring (c) the ass. ‘You hired the ass,’ said the owner, ‘but you did not hire his shadow. It is my shadow.’ They went on like this. Then they began to fought (d) and ass the (e) ran away.


a) He paid him two shillings for it. (Here you are referring to the past, so a past tense is required.)

b) It was a very hot day.

c) who had hired the ass (We make the past perfect tense forms by putting ‘had’ before the past participle form of the verb.)

d) began to fight

e) and the ass ran away


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