English Grammar Worksheets for Class 8

Edit the given passage.

Shyam and Rahul was (a) friends. Shyam wanted to went (b) on a vacation. He discussed the matter with Rahul while they were sitting in (c) a bench.

He wanted rahul (d) to keep his money and jewels while he was away in (e) vacation. Rahul accepted (f) to help his friend.


a) Shyam and Rahul were friends. (Two singular nouns connected by ‘and’ require a plural verb. ‘Was’ is singular. ‘Were’ is the correct plural form.)

b) Shyam wanted to go on a vacation. (We make the infinitive form by putting the first form of the verb after ‘to’.)

c) while they were sitting on a bench (We use ‘on’ for position on a surface. ‘In’ is used for position inside something.)

d) He wanted Rahul to keep his money. (A proper noun always begins with a capital letter.)

e) while has was away on vacation

f) Rahul agreed to help his friend. (The verb ‘accept’ cannot be followed by a to-infinitive. We use ‘agree’ instead.)


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