Class 6 grammar worksheets | sentence correction

Edit the given passage.

I’m Meera. I am come (a) from a village. My parents are farmers. I have so many friends who lives (b) abroad. One of my friend (c) in America has offered me a job in his company, after the completion of my studies. I wants (d) to speak English well before I go to America. My friend make (e) a lot of money there. He has got a big house too. I am also wanting (f) to be rich like him.


a) I come from a village.

b) I have so many friends who live abroad. (The singular noun ‘lives’ does not agree with the plural noun ‘friends’.)

c) One of my friends in America (We always use the plural form of the noun in expressions like ‘one of …’, ‘some of ….’)

d) I want to speak English well (The verb does not take the marker ‘s’ when the subject is the first person pronoun ‘I’.)

e) My friend makes a lot of money there. (When the subject is a singular noun, the verb takes the marker ‘s’ in the simple present tense.)

f) I also want to be rich like him. (We do not normally use the continuous tense form to talk about our wishes, desires and wants.)


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