Type 1 Conditional Clauses Worksheet for CBSE Class 8

Type 1 or open conditional sentences are used to talk about real and possible situations.

In the first conditional, we use a simple present tense in the if-clause and will / can + infinitive in the main clause.

  • If she is confident, she will participate in the contest.

Write first (open) conditional sentences for the following situations.

1. play video games for long hours / develop eye strain

2. work hard / pass the test

3. mend your ways / not land in trouble

4. weather stormy / will cancel the voyage

5. play well / win the championship

6. movie good / create box office records

7. trip arranged well / tourists happy

8. eat nutritious food / be healthy

9. smoke / get cancer

10. eat too much junk food / gain weight

11. have enough money / buy a car


1. If you play video games for long hours you will develop eye strain.

2. If you work hard you will pass the test.

3. If you mend your ways you will not land in trouble.

4. If the weather is stormy we will cancel the voyage.

5. If you play well you will win the championship.

6. If the movie is good it will create box office records.

7. If the trip is arranged well tourists will be happy.

8. If you eat nutritious food you will be healthy.

9. If you smoke you will get cancer.

10. If you eat too much junk food you will gain weight.

11. If I have enough money I will buy a car.

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