Abstract nouns | Class 8 worksheets

These lessons are based on Macmillan English Ferry Textbook and workbook for Class 8 students.

Formation of abstract nouns from adjectives and verbs.

Abstract nouns can be formed from adjectives and verbs.

Examples are given below:

Beautiful (adjective) – beauty (abstract noun)

Clear – clarity

Pleasant – pleasure

Exhaustive – exhaustion


Choose the correct abstract noun from the given options.

1. Clear

a) clearness
b) clarity
c) clearable
d) clearment

2. Permanent

a) permanently
b) permanence
c) permanentable
d) permanence

3. Cogent

a) cogenticity
b) cogency
c) cogence
d) cogenence

4. Depreciate

a) depreciable
b) depreciate
c) depreciation
d) deprecience

5. Averse

a) aversive
b) aversion
c) adverse

d) aversiveness

6. Coincidental

a) coincidence
b) coincide
c) coincidate
d) coincidential

7. Generous

a) generative
b) generosity
c) general
d) generation

8. Allocate

a) allocation
b) allocasion
c) allocatence
d) allocative

9. Appreciative

a) appreciation
b) appreciable
c) appreciate
d) appreciatively

10. Constructive

a) construction
b) constructively
c) construct
d) constructiveness

11. Compassionate

a) compassion
b) compassioness
c) compassionativeness
d) compassive

12. Probable

a) probability
b) probableness
c) probabation
d) probabity


1. Clear (adjective) – clarity (noun)

2. Permanent (adjective) – permanence (noun)

3. Cogent (adjective) – cogency (noun)

4. Depreciate (verb) – depreciation (noun)

5. Averse (adjective) – aversion (noun)

6. Coincidental (adjective) – coincidence (noun)

7. Generous (adjective) – generosity (noun)

8. Allocate (adjective) – allocation (noun)

9. Appreciative (adjective) – appreciation (noun)

10. Constructive (adjective) – construction (abstract noun)

11. Compassionate (adjective) – compassion (abstract noun)

12. Probable (adjective) – probability (abstract noun)

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