Can, Could, Will, Would | Class 4 Grammar Worksheet

Fill in the blanks with can, will, could or would. This grammar worksheet is for students of classes 4 and 5. You can learn about modal auxiliary verbs here. To learn about can, could, will and would go to their respective study pages. Will, Can, Would, Could Worksheet 1. I …………………….. swim. 2. She ………………………. …

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May vs. Can

Both can and may can be used to talk about possibility. But there is some difference between them. Can is used to talk about theoretical possibility; may is used to talk about factual possibility. Compare: The road may be blocked due to the procession. (Factual possibility.) Any road can be blocked. (Theoretical possibility – It is possible to block any road.) There may be a strike next week. (It …

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Talking About Ability In English

Present ability We use can to talk about present or general ability. I can swim. She can read Italian, but she can’t speak it. Past ability We use could to talk about general ability in the past. She could read when she was four. Note that was/were able is also possible with this meaning. She was able to read when she was four. Future ability We normally use will be able to talk …

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