Common errors with pronouns - part III

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The pronouns another, anything, each, everyone, everybody, anyone, someone, somebody, no one, either and neither are singular. Singular nouns and pronouns should be followed by singular verbs.

Incorrect: Everyone of my friends have been invited.
Correct: Everyone of my friends has been invited.

Incorrect: Someone have let the cat in.
Correct: Someone has let the cat in.

Incorrect: Neither of the girls seem to be correct.
Correct: Neither of the girls seems to be correct.

Incorrect: Each of the boys were given a medal.
Correct: Each of the boys was given a medal.

Incorrect: If any of your friends are interested, let me know.
Correct: If any of your friends is interested, let me know.


When any of, either of, neither of, each of etc., are followed by a plural subject, the verb can be plural in a less careful style. However, students are advised to use singular verbs after these expressions.

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