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Here is a sample business apology letter which you can use as an outline for drafting your own apology letters.

Welcome to our section on business English. Here you will find formal and business letter writing tips and samples. Writing a competent formal business letter is a career goal everyone should strive to achieve. This type of letter can be used to communicate with a company or to contact a bank for information on personal or military loans. It is also used for employment-related letters like cover letters and thank you letters.

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Formal letter samples

Example of formal letter and envelope
Formal Letter Sample 2
Formal letter sample 3
Formal letter sample 4
Formal letter sample 5

Employment letters

How to write an application letter?
Application letter sample
Job application letter sample
Job acceptance letter sample
Formal letter - Interview thank you letter sample
How to write an acceptance letter
Job acceptance letter sample
Resignation acceptance letter
Resignation acceptance letter sample
Sample employment letter with salary requirements
Job reference - thank you letter
Sample thank-you letter
Sample thank-you letter 2
Asking for a rise in English

Dismissal letter samples

Employee dismissal letter sample
Dismissal letter sample 1
Dismissal letter sample 2
Dismissing an employee for unacceptable behaviour at the workplace

Ending a business relationship

Ending a business contract - sample letter
Sample letter terminating a business contract

Inquiry letters

Inquiry letter writing tips
Inquiry letter sample 1
Inquiry letter sample 2

Appointment letters

How to write an appointment letter?
Appointment letter sample
Appointment letter sample 2 (Reschedule an appointment)

Resignation letters

Professional resignation letter
Best resignation letter samples
Formal letter - sample resignation letter
Good resignation letter sample
Thank you letter to employer when leaving company

Recommendation letters

How to write a letter of recommendation?
College recommendation letter sample
Request for recommendation letter
MBA recommendation letter sample

Reference letters

How to write a reference letter?
Reference letter sample

IELTS Sample Letters

IELTS sample letter 1
IELTS sample letter 2
IELTS sample letter 3

Leave of absence letters

Leave letter sample 1
Leave letter sample 2
Leave of absence letter sample 3

Congratulation letters

Congratulation letter sample 1
Congratulation letter sample 2
How to write a congratulation letter?

Formal letter writing

How to format a formal letter?
Formal letter writing basics
Standard phrases used in formal letters
Language appropriate for formal letters
How to write a formal email?

Request letters

How to write a request letter?
6 tips for writing a good request letter
Request letter sample
Request letter sample 2
Request letter sample 3
Sample request letter asking for raise
Sample request letter asking for course information
College application letters
Advice letter sample

Complaint letters

How to write a complaint letter
Example of complaint letter
Sample complaint letter
Sample complaint letter 2
Sample complaint letter 3
Sample claim letter

Apology Letters

How to Write an Apology Letter
Apology letter: Apologize for missing an appointment
Sample apology letter
Apology letter sample 2
Business Apology Letter Sample I
Personal Apology Letter Sample I
Semi-formal Apology Letter Sample

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor - Sample 2
Letter to the Editor - sample 3

Compliment letters

Compliment letter
Compliment letter samples
Sample compliment letter

More formal letters

Credit letter writing tips and samples
Appreciation letter
How to write an advice letter?
Sample letter asking for advice
How to write a letter of congratulation?
How to write a letter of greeting?
Refusal letter writing tips
Refusal letter sample 1
Refusal letter sample 2

Informal letter samples

Example of informal letter and envelope
Informal Letter Sample 1
Informal Letter Sample 2
Informal Letter Sample 3
Informal Letter Sample 4
Informal Letter to a Friend
Informal Letter to a Brother
Informal letter wishing your friend a speedy recovery
Informal letter to old classmate
Informal letter inviting friend to go on vacation with you

Business English Presentation

How to make a business English presentation
Standard business questions
Top 5 tips to improve your English debating skills


Resume writing
Resume structure
Types of Resume
Resume formatting tips
Importance of resume
Parts of your resume

Cover letter

Cover letter writing tips
What to write and what not to write in a cover letter
How to write an effective cover letter
How important are cover letters?
Cover letter writing and formatting tips
Are cover letters necessary?
Free cover letter samples
How to write a letter of enquiry
Cover letter sample
Cover letter sample 2
Cover letter sample 3

Business Writing

Writing business letters
Different types of formal letters
Business Letter writing Tips
How to write a business letter?
Effective business writing
Have the rules of formal writing changed?

Letter writing: formal and informal

Address and date
Body of the letter
Subscription or leave-taking
The Tone and Language of a Letter
Personal Letter Writing Tips

Email writing tips

What is an email
Subject line
Formats, grammar and spelling
Addresses and personal names
Courtesy and politeness
Privacy concerns


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