How to write a congratulation letter?

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There are quite a few occasions that demand a congratulation letter. Your friend may have turned a year older and finished her graduation. She may have received a new job or got engaged to your soul mate. Whatever be the occasion, by writing a sincere congratulation letter, you can join her in her celebrations. Here are a few tips to write a congratulation letter that will get appreciated.

Send the letter as soon as possible.

If you want to congratulate somebody on their birthday or engagement, make sure that the letter reaches them on that special day itself. Congratulating somebody several days after their birthday doesnít make much sense.

State the specific occasion

At the beginning of the letter itself, state the specific occasion that prompted you to write the letter. As soon as they open your letter, they should know what you are congratulating them for.

Avoid negative remarks

Express genuine praise and approval. There is no room for negative remarks in a congratulation letter. Instead, the focus must be on the readerís accomplishments.

Be brief

Keep the letter brief and to the point. A congratulation letter doesnít have to be very long. In most cases, four or five sentences are more than enough.

Do not exaggerate

Choose your words carefully. Do not exaggerate your congratulatory words. The reader might get the impression that you are trying to win their favour by flattering them. Even if that is your motive, donít let them use it.

Donít use sarcastic expressions in your letter. They will only displease the reader.


Proofread the letter before sending it. Correct any grammar or spelling mistake the letter might contain. If you send the letter without correcting these mistakes, they can cause you a lot of embarrassment.

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How to write a congratulation letter?

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