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Examples of informal letters - 3

Posted by Manjusha Filed in Business English

Wentworth Place, Tuesday Morn.
February 8, 1820



My dear Fanny,

I had a slight return of fever last night, which terminated favorably, and I am now tolerably well, though week from the small quantity of food to which I am obliged to confine myself: I am sure a mouse would starve upon it. Mrs. Wylie came yesterday. I have a very pleasant room for a sick person. A sofa bed is made up for me in the front parlor which looks on to the grass plot. How much more comfortable than a dull room upstairs, where one gets tired of the pattern of the bed curtains! Besides I see all that passes –for instance now, this morning – if I had been in my own room I should not have seen the coals brought in. On Sunday between the hours of twelve and one I descried a Pot boy. Then goes by a fellow with a wooden clock under his arm that strikes a hundred and more. Then comes the old French emigrant with his hands joined behind on his hips, and his face full of political schemes. Then passes Mr David Lewis, a very good natured, good-looking old gentleman, who has been very kind to Tom and George and me. As for those fellows the Brick makers they are always passing to and fro. I must not forget the two old maiden Ladies in Well Walk who have a Lap dog between them that they are very anxious about. It is a corpulent little beast whom it is necessary to coax along with an ivory-tipp’d cane. Carlo our neighbor Mrs. Brawn’s dog and it meet sometimes. Lappy thinks Carlo a devil of a fellow and so do his mistresses. You shall hear from me again the day after tomorrow.

Yours Affectionately,
John Keats

This is a letter written by famous English poet John Keats to Fanny Brawne whom he wanted to marry but could not due to his illness.

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