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Are cover letters necessary?

Employers receive thousands of job applications. The truth is that most applicants have the necessary educational qualifications and work experience. So why should they choose you over someone else? What are the factors that usually influence the hiring decision? Well, to be the chosen one, you have to make your job application stand out from the rest. But how? It is simple. You just need to write a winning cover letter and resume.

Your cover letter is more important than your resume

Your cover letter carries more weight than your resume. It opens the door for an interview; it gives you an opportunity to make a great impression on the employer.

Studies have proved that potential employers take less than ten seconds to decide whether or not they want to hire you. And because your cover letter is usually the first thing that reaches the hands of the employer it determines your chances of getting the job. The truth is that few employers would take a look at your resume if they arenít impressed with your cover letter. Therefore, it is essential that you take the time to draft a good cover letter.

Do not use generic cover letters

Do not use generic cover letters. It is a mistake many job hunters commit. They draft a cover letter and then send it to all potential employers. Unfortunately a generic cover letter canít explain why you are a perfect match for the job position in question. It simply gives some information about you, but that isnít enough to receive an interview. If you want the employer to call you back, you have to clearly explain why you are a strong candidate for the specific position you have applied for. Therefore, write different cover letters for different job positions.

Donít just fill the cover letter with general information. It must match the job description. Remember that the employer isnít exactly interested in you. He / she is only interested in knowing what you can do for them.

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