Example of a letter of resignation

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Format of a letter of resignation

A letter of resignation has the following format.

Put today’s date at the top of the letter on the left side.

Put the name and address of the person you are writing to on the left side of the page, directly under the date.

Begin the letter on the left. A letter of resignation is usually addressed to the manager. Write Dear Manager or Dear Sir or Dear Madam. After Dear X, put a comma or nothing at all. In American English, a colon (:) is preferred in business letters.

Leave an empty line after Dear X and start again on the left.

Finish the letter with Sincerely or Yours sincerely.

Sign with your full name. Write your full name after your handwritten signature.

Here is a sample letter of resignation that can be used in any circumstances.

Sample resignation letter

sample resignation letter

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