Email writing tips - courtesy and politeness

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Most people tend to respond to emails without time for reflection. This is rarely appropriate. It is also inappropriate to send strongly emotional email. It may not encourage a positive response either. Responding to heated email should be done cautiously if at all; waiting till the next day is often wise.

Don't write in all CAPITALS as it is considered to be SHOUTING. Avoid sarcastic comments, as these can be taken out of context and be very hurtful. Use emoticons or smilies sparingly (if at all). They are never totally appropriate or professional in email communication. Do not circulate emails with offensive content - this constitutes bullying.

Don't expect an immediate answer. Just because you don't get an answer from someone in ten minutes does not mean that he or she is ignoring you, and is no cause for offence. Email is all about dealing with your communications when you are able to do so.

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