What is an email?

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An email can be anything from an informal one liner to a formal letter. Before you write, consider the purpose of your message. Keep your email short and to the point - it is best to limit yourself to five or six bullet points or a couple of paragraphs. Try to have only one topic per email. Do not send your email to people who do not want to read it.

Think carefully before clicking Reply to all - did you really mean to reply to everyone or just the sender? Use the CC and BCC fields where appropriate

Do not forward or bounce email unnecessarily. Bouncing is when you have no intention of modifying the content of message - the complete and original information is passed on elsewhere. Forwarding is to pass on an email which is modified, annotated or edited. Forward if you have something to add or change, bounce if you do not, or if the message has been send to you in error.

Never forward virus hoaxes, chain letters, petitions or "make money fast" schemes. Never reply to SPAM or junk mail - ever.

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