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Personal letter writing tips

Posted by Manjusha Filed in Business English

Personal letters should be written in a familiar and intimate style, depending upon the degree of intimacy you have with the person addressed. Use short and simple sentences instead of formal and elaborate ones. In a personal letter, you can use conversational idioms and colloquial expressions. You can also use contracted forms like donít, wonít and Iím.

A personal letter should express the personality of the writer. It should be like a friendly heart-to-heart talk and the reader should hear your voice as he/she goes through the letter.

Donít devote all the space to yourself. You must write about common interests and about people your reader is interested in. One of your main aims in writing a personal letter should be to please the person to whom it is addressed, and for this reason you must show genuine interest in him.

If, however, you have a particular purpose in writing the letter you should make sure that it is not obscured by the other details you might put in to make the letter interesting to your reader.

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