How important are cover letters?

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By writing an effective resume cover letter, you can improve your chancing of receiving an interview. Studies have proved that the vast majority of resumes that land in the dustbin are those that weren’t accompanied by a good cover letter.

Your cover letter is the first thing that reaches the hands of a potential employer. If it is impressive, they will take a closer look at your resume. If it is not, they are more likely to toss your resume into the dustbin.

Here are three things to remember:

As you can see, cover letters carry more weight than resumes. They open the doors for an interview.

Your cover letter is your sales letter

That is true. Your cover letter is no different from a sales letter. It sells your resume; therefore it sells you. Unfortunately, many job hunters do not understand how important a cover letter is. They either neglect it or write a poor letter. They might have spent hours in writing a good resume, but all that time and effort won’t bear any fruit if the resume is not accompanied by a good cover letter.

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