How to write a request letter

You should write a request letter when you want to ask for a job interview, a raise/promotion or specific kind of information.

All formal letters should be brief and to the point. Request letters are no different. The language you use in your request letter should be fit for the workplace. Avoid words or phrases that are too informal. Type your letter on a computer and print it out on a good quality white paper.

Request for an Interview

While writing a request letter asking for a job interview, you have to use a formal letter style like block format.

Introduce yourself and the reason for your writing. Clearly state that you are writing to request for an interview so that you get an opportunity to discuss the positions that are/will be available in a specific department of the company. If you have been referred by somebody, don't forget to include his/her name in the letter.

Give a brief account of your work experience and educational qualifications. You must also explain why you are interested in working for this particular company/organization. Indicate that you will call after a certain number of days to see if it will be possible to schedule an interview.

Close the letter in a professional manner. For example, write Sincerely followed by your name.

Your letter should have your contact information including your postal address, telephone number and email id.

Other things to keep in mind

According to industry experts, enclosing your resume with your request letter is not exactly a good idea. You can, however, send it if they express an interest in hiring you.

Request a Raise or Promotion

Do you believe that you deserve a raise or a promotion? You can bring it to your manager's attention by sending him a polite request letter.

If you believe that you deserve a raise or a promotion, you have no reason not to ask for it. Start the letter by clearly stating your reason for writing. To build your case, give examples of your accomplishments, years of service etc.

Make a polite but confident request for a raise/promotion.

Thank your employer for taking the time to review your request.

What not to write

Do not threaten the employer with dire consequences if your request is not granted. If you believe that you deserve a raise and the employer is unwilling to grant it, you might want to consider changing jobs, but you don't have to mention that in your letter. You may, however, mention that if you already have a better job offer. But keep the tone of your letter courteous.

Request a Specific Type of Information

Get to the point at the beginning itself. Make it clear exactly what type of information you need and politely ask the reader to send it to you. Provide a brief explanation as to why you need this information.

State your willingness to pay any customary fees that are involved. Include your contact information in the letter. Thank the reader before closing the letter.

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