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Standard business questions

These are some standard business questions that may be asked while making general inquiries into the nature of a company.

A sample piece of conversation between a reporter and the manager of a publishing company is given below.

Reporter: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.
Manager: Itís my pleasure.

Reporter: Which company do you work for?
Manager: I work for a publishing company called Alpha Books.

Reporter: What sort of books do you publish?
Manager: We publish both fiction and non-fiction, academic and non-academic books.

Reporter: I see. Where is the company located?
Manager: Pioneer Books is located in Mumbai.

Reporter: How many people do you employ?
Manager: Currently, we have 250 people on our staff roll.

Reporter: Does your company have an online presence?
Manager: We have a full-fledged online store. We also have decent presence on social networking sites. Reporter: Do you also publish digital books?
Manager: Yes. Many of our titles are available in both print and digital versions.

Reporter: Do you have a presence overseas?
Manager: At the moment, we donít have a presence overseas, but we are working on entering into a partnership with some international publishing houses.

Reporter: Is yours a public limited company?
Manager: No, it is a privately owned company.

Variations of these questions are also possible.

Question: Which company do you work for?

Possible variations

Who do you work for?
Where do you work?
Who is your employer?

Question: Where is your company based?

Possible variations

Where is your company located?
Where is your company headquartered?
Where are your headquarters?

Question: Does your company have an online presence?

Possible variations

What about your companyís online presence?
Do you have a website?
Does your company have a website?
Do you have an online store?

Question: How many people do you employ?

Possible variations

Does your company employ a lot of people?
How many people does your company employ?
How many people do you have on staff?

Parts of content taken from esl.about.com

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