Example of complaint letter

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You may be unhappy with a product or service, but you must still keep the tone of your complaint letter polite. Avoid calling names. Remember that most errors are unintentional. Here is an example of a complaint letter.A complaint letter is a formal letter and it must be formatted accordingly.

Example of complaint letter

Dear Sir

Three months ago I sent you an order for a pair of sneakers, together with my cheque for $25. You wrote back a few days later acknowledging my order, and said that the sneakers would be shipped within two business days. Since then I have not heard anything from you. I made numerous phone calls to your office in the last few weeks, but none of the guys who answered my calls seemed to know anything about my order or its status.

I am afraid that my patience has worn out. If you do not dispatch my order within the next few days or refund my money, I will be forced to take legal action against you.

Waiting to hear from you


Your name

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