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Sample apology letter 2

Posted by Manjusha Filed in Business English

Some letters are neither formal nor informal. They belong to the semi-formal category. A semi-formal letter is written to someone in a formal capacity with whom you may also have a personal relationship. For example, letters written to your teachers or landlords belong to this category. You know them personally but they arenít exactly your friends.

In a semi-formal letter, you can use some idiomatic expressions. You may also use some expressions that show the personal connection you have with the recipient of the letter. However, you must avoid being too informal. It is important that you maintain a respectful tone throughout the letter. Here is a sample semi-formal apology letter.


You are staying in a rented apartment. You recently held a party to celebrate your birthday. Unfortunately, the noise levels went a bit too high that your neighbours complained to your landlord. Now you have to write a letter to your landlord explaining the situation and apologizing for the disturbance.

Sample apology letter

Sample apology letter

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