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6 Tips for writing a request letter

Posted by Manjusha Filed in Business English

Request letters are important letters. They have the power to change your life for the better. For this reason, you should take your time to write a good request letter. Keep the following points in mind as you compose the letter.

1. Let the focus be on the recipient

Your request letter should not be self-centered. Instead, put the focus on the recipient. If you believe that the recipient will receive some benefits by complying with your request, donít hesitate to mention that in the letter.

2. Introduce yourself

If you are writing to someone you havenít spoken with in a long time, you must introduce yourself. Clearly state how the reader knows you. For example, if you are writing to your former employer, state the name of the position you held at the company and the years you worked for them. You must also mention the high points of your association. For example, the things you accomplished while you were working for them.

3. Be straightforward

After introducing yourself, state the purpose of your writing. Be straightforward and avoid irrelevant details. Let your reader know exactly what it is that you are requesting.

When making your request, donít forget to include all relevant information. For example, if you are writing to request a recommendation letter, it would be a good idea to enclose your latest resume. It will give the reader useful information they might need to draft the letter of recommendation. If there is a deadline, donít forget to specify it.

4. Be courteous

Donít forget that by making a request, you are infringing on another personís time, talents or other resources. So be as courteous as possible. Moreover, give the reader enough time to meet your request. If they donít have to rush through your request, they are more likely to respond.

Make only reasonable requests and use a persuasive language in your letter. Donít apologize for making the request. Instead, make the request appear as a compliment. You might have had several professors but you chose this particular person for writing a recommendation letter for you. That is clearly an indication that his/her recommendation has greater weightage than somebody elseís.

5. Donít threaten

Realize that the reader has the right to decide whether they want to comply with your request or not. You cannot force them. You should not try to do that either.

6. Contact information

Donít forget to include your contact information in the letter.

Before closing the letter, thank the person for considering your request.

Donít forget to send a sincere thank-you letter within one week of the personís fulfilling your request.

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