Informal Letter To An Old Classmate

Write a letter to an old classmate whom you haven’t met in years.

Sample letter to an old classmate

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3rd June, 2014

Dear Maya

Thank you very much for your last letter – it was great to hear from you after so many weeks. You seem to be enjoying your life in California.

Also thanks for the photographs. Your daughter looks incredibly cute. She resembles you, doesn’t she? It was good to see you all looking so well and so happy.

There isn’t much happening in my life at the moment. I am busy with work and kids. Last month we went on a short trip to Bali. It was a pleasant experience. Bali is a great travel destination.

By the way, your mother told me that you were coming home in July for a week or two. If you are, let me know the dates so that we can arrange to meet up. Hope to see you then!

Also convey my regards to your husband.


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