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Sample complaint letter

Posted by Manjusha Filed in Business English


You have bought a brand new cellphone built by a reputed company. When you got home, you realized that the phone doesn’t provide good call quality. Write a letter to the makers of the phone to register your complaint.

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Sample complaint letter

2398 Red Street
Salem, MA 34588
February 10, 2012

Thomas R. Smith
Production Manager, XXX Inc
3489 Greene Ave.
Olympia, WA 98502

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am writing this letter to you to bring to your attention a problem I have had with a cellphone I purchased from one of your retailers. Allow me to elaborate.

Yesterday, I purchased a cellphone (model number: xxxx) made by your company from one of your retailers. I know it is one of your best selling products and that is exactly what prompted me to buy it. Unfortunately, it looks like the unit I purchased is defective. The call quality is pretty low: I can hardly understand anything. I am impressed with the quality of the camera and other features. But the main purpose of a phone is to make calls and this one doesn’t seem good for that.

This is not the first time I have purchased phones built by your company, but this is the first time I have experienced a problem. I am hoping that you will take measures necessary to replace this fault unit with a good one. I can provide you with the receipt, if needed.

Expecting a prompt response,


Peter Parker

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