Compliment letter samples

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Here are two compliment letter samples that you can use as outline for drafting your own compliment letters.

Compliment letter sample

I am writing to compliment your employee John Smith for the competence with which he solved my problem. I have a savings account with your bank, but last month I noticed some abnormal activity in my statement. Some unscrupulous people had stolen money from my account using forged checks. As soon as I noticed this, I alerted the bank and Mr. Smith went to great lengths to restore the money to my account.

It was his prompt and competent service that reinforced my faith in your back. From now on, I will bring all my banking needs to ABC Bank.

Compliment letter sample 2

I want to thank you for the excellent service I received at your workshop last week. My car had been having problems for well over two months but when I contacted other garages they quoted huge repair estimates. It was then that a friend of mine asked me to approach your workshop. Your mechanics seemed to know exactly what was wrong with my car and repaired it at half the cost quoted by other garages. I will recommend your workshop to all my friends.

We look forward to continuing our business relationship.

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