Professional Resignation Letter Writing Tips

You may be quitting the firm, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to sever all relationships with your current employer. In fact, by writing a professional resignation letter you can leave on a positive note.

Your resignation letter can have far-reaching implications, so take the time to think about what you want to say in your letter.

A resignation letter is one of the most important letters you may ever write in your life. In most cases, it is your last formal correspondence with your current employer. It is also going to be a permanent part of your employee portfolio. While writing a resignation letter, try to maintain a professional and positive tone.

Employees leave a company for several different reasons. They may be dissatisfied with the salary or working conditions. They may have issues with the management or they may have received a better opportunity that they don't want to miss. Whatever be your reasons for leaving the company, make sure that you sound professional and cordial in your resignation letter. You are leaving the company but it doesn't mean that you have to ruin all the relationships you have with your boss and co-workers.

Short and Simple Resignation Letters

If you are leaving the company because of unfavorable circumstances, you might be tempted to write a resignation letter full of nasty recriminations. It might seem to be the right thing to do, but it isn't. You may be leaving the company now, but it doesn't mean that you will not work with your current manager or supervisor at some time in the future. If you write a professional resignation letter, you will be able to return to the company if circumstances force you to do so at some time in the future.

What's more, using the resignation letter as a means of venting your frustration will make you sound very unprofessional. It will also permanently spoil your chances of getting a positive recommendation letter from your current employer. It is also possible that your future employers will contact your current employer as part of a background check before hiring you. If they find out that you have behaved unprofessionally at your current place of work, they may not be all that interested in hiring you.

But in some cases, it is not easy to maintain a professional and positive tone in your resignation letter. In that case, keep the letter short. Simply state that you are resigning from your position on a particular date. In most cases, you will need to specify a date two weeks from the day you give your resignation letter to the boss. Include your address and contact information if you plan to relocate and sign the letter.

Longer and More Personal Resignation Letters

If you are leaving the company on good terms, you should consider writing a longer, more personal resignation letter. Perhaps you are resigning because you want to follow another career path or take a break from employment due to some personal reason.

In a long professional resignation letter, you can mention your reason for leaving. You may also express your regret in resigning and your gratitude for the opportunities you have had. If you intend to return to this company at some time in the future, mention that, too. Close the letter by wishing the company well.

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