comparison of adverbs

Comparison Of Adverbs Worksheet For Class 3 CBSE

Just like adjectives, adverbs also have three degrees of comparison – positive, comparative and superlative Examples are given below. Fast / faster / fastest Slowly / more slowly / most slowly Proudly / more proudly / most proudly Fill in the blanks using an adverb of the appropriate degree of comparison. 1. He speaks English …

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Comparison Of Adverbs

Descriptive adverbs have three degrees of comparison. These degrees are formed in different ways. One syllable adverbs form the comparative by adding –er. Add –est to form the superlative. Almost all the adverbs which are also used as adjectives belong to this class. Hard, harder, hardest Soon, sooner, soonest Fast, faster, fastest Late, later, latest Adverbs which end in –ly, take more for the comparative and most for …

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