Conjunctions Worksheet For Grade 6

Complete the following sentences using appropriate conjunctions. Choose your answers from the options given below. {as, because, so, and, but, though, if, although, when, before, until, unless} Notes The same conjunction can be used in more than one sentence. ……………………………… I was not feeling well, I didn’t go to work. ……………………………… I was not satisfied …

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How To Identify Conjunctions

The word is probably a conjunction if it is a connector between words, phrases or clauses. Like prepositions, there are only a limited number of conjunctions in English. Common examples are: and, but, or, yet, for, so, because, since, as, when, while, after, before, that, whether, if etc. My brother and I enjoy playing badminton. She is very beautiful but no one likes her. He was ill, yet he went …

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Correlative Conjunctions

Some conjunctions are used in pairs. They are called correlative conjunctions. Most of these are of the coordinating type. Either … or You must either follow my instructions or resign. He is either a fool or a madman. Either you or he will have to go. Either you will leave this house or I will call the police. I donít speak either French or German. We use either…. or to talk about a choice between two possibilities …

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Coordinating Conjunctions

Conjunctions can be divided into two broad classes – coordinating and subordinating. Coordinating conjunctions join pairs of clauses that are grammatically independent of each other. Examples are: and, but, for, or, yet, so, nor, also, either…or, neither…nor etc. Birds fly and fish swim. I was annoyed still I kept quiet. Neither a borrower nor a lender be. There was little hope of success nevertheless they decided to perform the operation. Words …

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Common Errors With Conjunctions

A conjunction is merely a connecting word. It has no other function in the sentence. In most languages of European origin, clauses are joined together by conjunctions in similar ways. However, students who speak non-European-type languages often experience some problems in using English conjunctions correctly. One conjunction for two clauses One conjunction is enough to join two clauses. Although he is poor, he …

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