What Are Nouns?

Nouns are most often the names of people, places or things. Personal names (e.g. John and Alice) and place-names (e.g. Mumbai and Chennai) are called proper nouns; they are usually used without articles. Nouns can be divided into several subclasses: Proper noun (e.g. India, Italy, Alice) Common noun (e.g. boy, girl, child, man, tree) Collective noun (e.g. class, …

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Identify The Verbs And Nouns | Class 4 Grammar Worksheets

Identify whether the highlighted words are verbs or nouns. Notes A verb is an action word. Examples: walk, talk, sit, eat, drink, write, break, read etc. A noun is the name of a person or thing. Examples are: children, toys, flowers, river, gold, computer etc. 1. The constable caught the thief. 2. Mother patted me …

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There are numerous words in English. These words are divided into eight classes on the basis of their grammatical behaviour. The eight parts of speech are: noun, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction, verb and interjection. Nouns A noun is the name of a person, place or thing. Examples are: boy, girl, tree, apple, computer, India, mother, father, Raju, river, breeze, heat, …

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Collective Noun

A noun which denotes a collection of individual persons or objects is called a collective noun. Examples are: crowd, mob, team, flock, herd, army, fleet, jury, nation, family, committee, government etc. In British English, a collective noun may be treated either as singular (if the whole group is being thought of as a unit) or …

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Abstract Noun

An abstract noun denotes something which is not physical and cannot be touched, such as pleasure, happiness, beauty, kindness, honesty, anger and idea. Sometimes the term is extended to include nouns denoting events and actions, such as arrival and explosion. Abstract nouns are formed: 1. From adjectives; as in, kindness from kind honesty from honest …

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