uncountable nouns

Countable And Uncountable Nouns Worksheet For Class 4

State whether the underlined noun in the following sentences is countable or uncountable. Uncountable nouns refer to ideas or objects that we cannot count. Note that uncountable nouns do not have a plural form. Countable nouns refer to objects, ideas or things we can count. Countable nouns have plural forms. 1. We enjoyed the pleasant …

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Countable And Uncountable Nouns

Countable nouns are the names of separate objects, people, ideas etc which can be counted. They have plurals. Examples are: dog, tree, girl, book, occasion and book We can use numbers and the article a/an with countable nouns. a dog two books three girls Uncountable nouns Uncountable or mass nouns are the names of materials, liquids, abstract qualities, collections and other things which …

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